Elevate your conversations on Dating Apps

Elevate your conversations on dating apps

Unlock the secrets to fun chats and build meaningful connection with your ideal partner.

Works with all your favorite apps

  • A busy career?
  • Late 20s and still single?
  • Experiencing writer's block?
  • Struggling to get replies from matches?
  • Bored of repetitive, shallow conversations?

What if this could get better...

Discover a newDating Experience

Our suite of tools are designed to empower your dating journey, helping you foster genuine connections and meaningful relationships.

Modern Library

Rediscover your past conversations with lifetime archive and rapid search capabilities. Dive deep into emotions, intentions, and outcomes.

Seamless Import

Leverage our advanced OCR technology to seamlessly import your chats from screenshots. Centralize your conversations.


Empower your conversations with ChadAI. Your personal intelligence, committed to your dating success.

Insightful Learnings

Like a personal coach that never sleeps, discover strengths and room for improvement with tailored insights into your dating style and preferences.

AI Feedback

Augment your communication skills with our AI-guided feedback mechanism. Learn the art of captivating conversations.

Chrome Extension

Boost your dating experience with our Chrome Extension. Access our powerful tools directly from your browser.

Powered by bestAI in the industry

Dating Studio leverages the industry's top-tier models to deliver advanced reasoning and feedback throughout the platform.

Intrigued? Discover the key product.

The key product is the browser extension. It's free and provided as-is while in early public access. Those, who join now, will get huge perks upon release.

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Exclusively forthe Go-Getters

The app has been designed to foster your continual growth, supporting your dating journey, and helping you thrive with authentic and meaningful connections. But it requires you to commit.


67 EUR/month

  • Import your chats from Tinder seamlessly
  • Instant search experience through your conversations
  • Breakdown and learn from your past conversations


117 EUR/month

  • Everything in Basic
  • Leverage AI features to enhance and guide your conversations
  • Get an edge with ChadAI, your personal conversation assistant
  • Access to the Chrome extension to assist you while using Tinder
  • Prioritized support for a seamless experience
  • Lifetime access to all library features after maintaining a membership for a year


Custom Pricing

  • Everything in Premium, fully white-labeled for your brand
  • Integration with your own custom knowledge base
  • Personalized AI assistant for individual members of your team
  • Dedicated account manager for seamless integration and support
  • Customized conversation formats based on your needs
  • Priority access to new features and improvements
Available free of charge, while in early public access.

Frequently askedquestions

Is this a chat bot? Can it text for me?

No. Dating Studio is not and never will be a chat bot. We believe in authenticity and transparency. We provide you with the tools to help you text better, but you are always in control of what you send.

How does Dating Studio work?

Dating Studio is a library and a browser extension that helps you write better messages on dating apps. We provide you with message suggestions based on your match’s profile and our AI analysis. The library is so that you can collect and reflect upon your past messages and learn from them. We often are quick to say something without realizing how it might be perceived. The library helps you reflect upon your past messages and learn from them.

How much does Dating Studio cost?

It depends. We offer a premium subscription that unlocks additional features and best in the field AI models, but the core library functionality is free. The biggest value one can get is by reflecting upon the things said and done, and learning from them. Hence the auto-save is built as a core and availabe for free.

Is the extensino available on mobile?

The extension is currently only available for Chrome, and Chromium based browsers such as Opera or Microsoft Edge. The platform however may be accessed from anywhere as long as you have the internet connection and a modern browser.

Is my data safe and secure?

Yes. We take privacy and security very seriously. We encrypt at rest and in transit. We only analyze your messages to provide you with better suggestions. We will never share or sell your data with third parties.

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